Let me be the first.

Let me be the first to tell you that there is a season coming. A season in which women trade bikinis for layers of clothes. A season in which you can cuddle up next to a fire place, hot cocoa in hand, getting to know someone. Winter is coming, and for the girls out there that spent over half the year to be toned to look sexy in that swim wear, guys like me need something more than a have naked woman screaming “yeah” by the pool. Guys like me need a beautiful face, and an even more beautiful personality. Guys like me would rather see a woman that can be beautiful dressed like an Eskimo, with the personality of an angel. Call me what you will, but I prefer an intelligent LADY in a scarf, jacket, jeans, and boots, than a GIRL with nothing but a summer time body. Guys like me LOVE class. Let me be the first to tell you, some of you ladies aren’t going to be so attractive when we can’t see what you’ve been working on. Let me be the first to tell you, many of you need to find yourselves.

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I never took the time to really review the early years. What am I proud about? What can I say I have achieved? It’s made me think this morning. Those questions, cause I feel I don’t have much to be proud of, I’ve been a “not so good” man, and I found there’s not much I am proud of in general. Maybe just the fact that I scored amount the top fifty writers in the state of Nevada when I was a junior in high school, but, that’s it. I want to change all of that, let’s jump off of cliffs, let’s go places people usually don’t go, swim to depths one can brag about, flip out of planes in the night sky, is that possible? Even better question, would that make me proud?

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We take a piece of each other, day by day. What matters is what we are willing to give. What will we provide to those around us? Will we be the harbinger of fear, anger, frustration? Will we be the givers of life, happiness, joy? Everything we are, is absorbed into the ones we love, but what is it that you see coming from them, do you see something you are proud of, or something you can’t even face? Think about that, are you the change you want to see around you? Or are you just another leaf on the branch, another crack on the street, another cloud in the sky? What do you want to be?

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